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How to properly care for football boots

Caring for sports boots is a straightforward yet very important process. It guarantees not only increased boots lifespan, but also excellent results on the football field.

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Football boots are an important part of a player’s gear. They influence ankle protection, traction, manoeuvrability on the field, and the ability to control the ball. To ensure the footwear fulfils its functions, it requires appropriate care. Otherwise, the player’s performance and health may suffer.

The right way to wear football boots?

Choosing and buying football boots should be done with special attention, nothing should hinder the athlete’s movements during the game.

The size is chosen based on the manufacturing materials: natural ones usually stretch, while synthetic ones don’t. Football players know many ways to stretch boots when needed. However, these methods are also applied with consideration for the material.

When putting on football boots, make sure the socks are well pulled up, the sole fits snugly to the foot, following its shape, the tongue is pulled up, and sits evenly. How you lace them plays a big role.

Some people take off shoes by pressing the heel with the other foot. This is really bad – it damages the heel and ruins the boots. Always remember to loosen the laces first.

Don’t leave your football boots in the bag after training. It makes perfect conditions for fungus and bacteria to grow.

At first, these details might not seem important. However, wearing them right significantly affects the level of wear and the lifespan of a pair.

How to clean football bootsSpecial aspects of cleaning and caring for football boots

Cleaning shoes starts with removing dust and dirt after each wear. This prevents the accumulation of various microorganisms, mold, unpleasant odors, and helps maintain colour and shape.

Washing football boots

Wash your football boots by hand for better results. Take out the laces and insoles, wash them separately. Use a soft cloth and brush with soap or powder to get rid of odors. Rinse with cold or warm (not hot) running water.

Avoid fully submerging the shoes in water or using aggressive cleaning agents. It can damage material, gluing, and seams.

Some brands allow washing boots in a washing machine (but not every model). It should be done no more than once a month and always following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Machine washing should be done following these rules: use a special shoe bag, select mode: up to +40°C – “Athletic Shoes” or “Delicate,” and choose the minimum spin speed.

Drying Boots

Boots should be dried at room temperature in a well-ventilated area. Fill the items with paper to maintain their shape. The process can take from several hours to several days.

Never dry football boots on radiators, heaters, with a hairdryer, or in direct sunlight. It can cause cracks, deformation, and shrinkage.

How to clean football boots

Applying special products on boots

After complete drying, it is possible and even advisable to treat the product with special oils, creams, or sprays for leather or synthetic materials. It will keep them soft, elastic, and water-resistant.

Apply the product in a thin layer and wait for it to be absorbed. Aggressive chemicals like acetone or alcohol are strictly forbidden.

Storing boots

In the off-season, keep your boots in a cool, dry place, away from heat. Make sure they’re clean and completely dry.

Use a box or cover, but not plastic, for storage.

How to clean football boots

Models of boots for different types of surface 

The preservation of the external appearance and properties of boots depends on the correctness of the choice. Each surface – grass, synthetic, rubber, wooden floor – requires different models:

People often ask, how to choose football boots? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Besides, making the wrong choice can affect a player’s success and how long their boots last.

How to clean football boots

Helpful advice for taking care of your boots

To make your football boots last longer, follow these tips:

  • The boots’ shape should precisely match the foot shape; an incorrect size often leads to injuries.
  • Place crumpled paper inside the boots after playing.
  • Use water-resistant grease on removable studs.
  • Loosen the laces to the maximum when putting them on for a comfortable and even fit.
  • Change into your football boots before the game; don’t wear them from home.
  • It’s better to have multiple pairs: while one dries, you can use the others.

Taking care of sports shoes is easy but extremely important. It ensures the product lasts long and delivers excellent results on the football field.

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