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Adidas football boots history. Legends forever

Since its founding, Adidas has been a global leader in the production and distribution of football boots.

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The German creation of Adi Dassler has firmly earned the top spot among football boots, holding it for nearly a century since 1925, when the first model of football footwear was produced. Out of hundreds of different models, let’s highlight the most revolutionary ones that have forever found  their place in history of football.

Adidas Argentinia

Release Year: 1953

Weight: 436 grams

Debut: 1954 FIFA World Cup (Switzerland)

Adidas Argentinia football boots Adidas Argentinia football boots

Adidas Diamant

Release Year: 1966

Weight: 304 grams

Debut: 1956 FIFA World Cup (England). Made with the help of legendary 1966 World Cup champion, Bobby Moore.

Adidas Diamant football boots Adidas Diamant football boots

Adidas Copa Mundial

Release Year: 1982

Weight: 306 grams

Debut: The most successful boots in Adidas history. All the leading players and national teams of the 1980s preferred Copa Mundial. Beckenbauer, Platini, Zidane…

Adidas Copa Mundial football bootsAdidas Copa Mundial football boots

Adidas Predator

Release Year: 1994

Weight: 358 grams

Debut: The model has numerous variations, produced both using synthetic materials and leather. They were the first boots with rubber inserts, providing better contact between the foot and the ball.

Adidas Predator football bootsAdidas Predator football boots

Adidas F50

Release Year: 2012

Weight: 195 grams

Debut: The model was introduced to commemorate Lionel Messi’s fourth ‘Golden Ball’ award.

Adidas F50 football bootsAdidas F50 football boots

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