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about xfooty.com

Football unites millions of people around the world — children and amateurs, professionals and veterans — all drawn to one of the most democratic sports. What’s necessary for two teams to face off? A reasonably flat field, gates, a ball, and, of course, football boots. Boots that are comfortable and safe, that allow players to showcase their skills and bring victory for their team.

The XFOOTY.COM website is exclusively focused on football boots. Consider these statistics: FIFA (Fédération internationale de football association) currently has 211 members. Globally, there are over 300,000 clubs and an estimated 240 million players, including 30 million women.

As players gear up for boot updates, a multiple questions arise:

  • What are the top boots to purchase?
  • Have Nike and Adidas launched new models?
  • What is better to play on synthetic field?
  • How to care for football boots?

On XFOOTY.COM, you will find all the answers to your questions. This is the world’s first specialized website about football shoes (boots), which will be interesting to both professional footballers and amateurs, as well as all football enthusiasts.

The founder of the site is Dmitry Shapoval.”

The authors of the site are experts from different countries around the world: England, Germany, Ukraine, Sweden, Bulgaria.

If you have collaboration proposals or interesting expert topics for articles, please use the contact form in the Contacts section.