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How to spot fake football boots and real

Today, the market offers an extensive range of football footwear. Unfortunately, there's also a lot of fake products that don't meet quality standards

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How to choose the original football boots

High-quality football boots mean a healthy and safe player, speed, agility, and accurate shots. So, it’s important to know how to differentiate original branded products from copies (fakes).

Original, replica, copy – how they differ

Author’s products with unique features and properties are called ORIGINAL. Check the previous material for tips how to choose the right football boots. Such products are characterized by exceptional quality: smooth seams, stitching, thoughtful details, and the absence of defects. The original product comes with certificates and article numbers.

There is a concept of REPLICAS – referring to high-quality duplicates. The package and content look like the branded ones. The low cost is explained by budget materials and simplified technology.

FAKES are usually copies of poor quality. They are made from cheap and unreliable materials without any production control.

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Features of original football boots

Beyond their aesthetic appeal original football boots, futsal shoes, and cleats offer maximum comfort. Ergonomic products replicate the foot’s structure, maintain their shape for a long time, and fulfill their functions.
Original footwear is non-toxic and safe for health. It does not cause allergic reactions. They provide reliable support and protection for the athlete’s ankle.

Benefits of using branded products:

  • Comfort during play and training.
  • Minimal foot fatigue.
  • Great maneuverability and speed.
  • Full control over the ball.
  • Strong grip on the field.
  • Precise and powerful shots.
  • Protection against injuries.

The price of branded items is higher due to their exceptional characteristics and functionality. In the end, the investment pays off with a longer lifespan and better performance in sports.

photo: freekickerz

photo: freekickerz

What are the risks of buying fake boots?

At first glance, it may seem like there’s nothing wrong with saving money and buying non-original Nike football boots or Adidas football boots. However, there are hidden issues:

  • Significantly shorter lifespan – underground production lacks quality control.
  • Low-quality materials and hardware – the low price is achieved with the cheapest, and often unsafe, materials.
  • Higher risk of injuries – defective boots can result in increased stress, fatigue, and injuries on the field.
  • Questionable savings – high-quality branded boots will last much longer, so you’ll need to buy them less often than cheap replicas.

There’s a difference between wanting to buy a copied product for personal use and a dishonest seller trying to pass it off as an original. To avoid being scammed, it is necessary to understand how to spot the difference.

Ways to identify original football boots?

Certain indicators make it easy to spot a fake. Athletes can do this by visually inspecting the product. For regular consumers, it is recommended to visit the official websites of selected manufacturers and examine the key parameters before making a purchase.


The first thing to do is to visually check the boots. Make sure they have the distinctive features of the brand, check the stitching quality, and ensure there are no defects.

Brand Name

Perhaps everyone has seen a brand name on shoes with one extra, missing, or replaced letter. This is the main sign of a fake.

In the original, both the logo and the name are applied correctly, which can be verified on the manufacturer’s website.


Sole Shape reveals a poor copy – there’s no narrowing in the central part. Original sneakers have an anatomically shaped sole.

Also, if low-quality rubber or latex is used, it’s easy to tell by the strong smell. The front part, which should be stitched, is usually poorly glued.


Inside the sneaker or on the tongue, there must be a label with information about the model, size, brand, and article number. The uniqueness of the article number can be checked on the official website. If there is no such label, it means you are holding a fake product.

photo: freekickerz

photo: freekickerz

Other indicators

Indirect yet important indicators include:

  • Unusual chemical smell.
  • Traces of glue
  • Uneven seams
  • Loose threads

If you can, carefully check the product from all sides, smell it, inspect the codes, and ask for quality certificates. Don’t hesitate to do these simple things; they’ll save you from unpleasant surprises.

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