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How to get rid of the unpleasant smell in football boots

The active movements of a football player lead to increased sweating of the feet...

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How to get rid of the unpleasant smell in football boots

Football boots have unique performance features – they can endure strong impacts and intense speed. Footwear is also influenced by the surrounding environment. After football matches or training, natural dirt buildup and the formation of a bad smell happen.

Why do boots get smelly?

The active movements of a football player lead to increased sweating of the feet. This leads to the growth of harmful organisms, ultimately resulting in an unpleasant smell. To get rid of the odor, you can use:

  • Antibacterial treatment;
  • Regular cleaning;
  • UV drying;
  • Proper storage and use.

Following all the recommendations helps reduce bad smells and gives athletes extra comfort

Can you wash football boots in a washing machine?

You can get rid of stains by yourself or with dry cleaning. If doing it yourself, you can use machine or manual methods.

  1. Washing boots with a washing machine should follow standard recommendations. Start by preparing the boots – clean the surface from dirt and grass residues. Then place the footwear in a special washing bag. Keep the water temperature below 40°C. (Note: Manufacturers advise against machine washing boots as it may damage the footwear and the machine).
  2. Using the manual method involves special chemicals to make a soapy solution, along with shoe brushes and cloths. This is the gentlest way, as there is no strong external impact.

Cleaning boots is important, no matter the method used. Cleaning helps keep the athlete healthy and the boots looking good. You can extend the lifespan and maintain the original appearance with simple care rules for footwear.

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How to properly care for boots?

Basic rules for taking care of a football player’s boots.

  1. Regular cleaning is important. Football is an active and dynamic game, and after playing, the athlete’s gear can get quite dirty. Cleaning dirt in time helps keep the footwear in good condition. Use microfiber cloths or brushes with natural bristles. If the boots are very dirty, take them to a dry cleaner.
  2. Drying. Football boots use waterproof materials, but in case of heavy moisture, remove wetness in time to prevent damage. If the inside gets wet, use an absorbent towel or paper and leave it inside until completely dry. This helps keep the boots fresh and clean.
  3. Monthly treatment with special footwear products. Chemistry helps preserve the material structure and increase its durability.
  4. Proper storage. It is recommended to store football boots at room temperature in cardboard packaging. Storing boots in very cold/hot places or outdoors can cause them to dry out and crack.
  5. Utilizing specialized devices. Drying sports shoes should be done using dedicated dryers. The most optimal approach is allowing natural ventilation to remove moisture.
  6. Regular airing. Take out the insoles and loosen the laces for better air circulation.
  7. Regular maintenance of interchangeable studs. This type of studs should be treated with a special moisture-repelling lubricant. It helps protect them from corrosion and other negative effects.

Taking care of your boots regularly and on time makes them last longer, while also keeping their functionality at a high level. This leads to better and more effective play on the field.

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