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How to quickly break in football boots without harming your health

The right shoes are made to give the best grip on the field, secure foot fixation, and effective ball control

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Football boots are a crucial part of a football player’s equipment. These special sports shoes are made to give the best grip on the field, secure foot fixation, and effective ball control. This happens thanks to the unique design of sports boots.

Materials of football boots

The sports boots industry uses the best materials for finishing the upper part and making the base of football boots. Special attention is given to the thickenings on the sole, known as studs, as they provide football players with excellent competitive capabilities. The main purpose of studs is to prevent the football player from slipping and falling. The upper part is made from natural or synthetic leather, as well as polyurethane or a mix of materials.

  • Synthetic material is strong, resistant to damage, and waterproof.
  • Polyurethane is tough, waterproof, and snug-fitting.
  • Natural leather perfectly fits the foot, providing flexibility, elasticity, and lightness.

The unique structure of the sole and the use of various materials in together result in high-quality boots that offers increased comfort. The only thing that can restrict an athlete’s movements in such cases is brand-new, unworn boots.

How to soften football boots?

Football boots are a special kind of sports shoes with a strong construction. Because of tough materials, the heels and toes might feel a bit stiff at first. To make football boots softer, try these methods:

  • Heating the shoe parts – use hot steam to warm up the troubled area, then wear the shoes for a few hours.
  • Rubbing the inside – use alcohol or castor oil for this method, then wear the boots for a few hours to wear them in.
  • Wetting the inside – dip the shoes in slightly hot water for 5-7 minutes.

The listed methods are recommended to be applied for several times to achieve the needed result.

What to do if your football boots are too tight?

Modern football shoes need some preparation and ‘breaking in.’ If they feel too tight, try the following methods:

  • Pre-wearing in without intense stress – a gentle walk on a solid surface for 30 minutes for several days.
  • Stretching the studs in some spots – this can help fix tight toe areas.
  • Temperature treatment – using hot air and wearing them in advance helps slightly widen the space.

Another method is soaking. In this case, it’s necessary to walk in wet footwear first, then fill the inner space with paper and leave it there until completely dry.

Can you stretch football boots by a size?

You can stretch football boots using these life hacks:

  • Freezing boots with water-filled bags inside.
  • Using special chemicals to stretch shoes.
  • Wearing shoes with wet, thick socks.

If your feet feel too tight, it could be due to the wrong shoe size. Before trying them on, make sure to measure your foot properly, considering both volume and width. This is important because all the mentioned methods work best when there’s just a little discomfort. If the size is too small or the space is too tight, these methods might affect the functionality of your boots. We advise you to read the rules on how to choose the right football boots.

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