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Which boots did Diego Maradona play in? The Argentine astonished the football world in PUMA King

It was in PUMA King that Diego Armando won major trophies, displaying unmatched technique and mastery.

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Diego Maradona PUMA King

The idol of fans across multiple generations, Diego Maradona was acknowledged as one of the greatest football players of the 20th century. The 1986 World Cup champion, silver medalist in the 1990 World Cup, he twice led “Napoli” to victory in the Italian championship.

The list of accolades for the outstanding Argentine can continue. and what unites all the achievements of №10 on the football field is the PUMA King boot model. It was in these boots, that Diego Armando won major trophies and amazed fans with outstanding technique and mastery.

PUMA chose the phenomenon

Diego Maradona PUMA KingDiego Maradona PUMA KingDiego Maradona PUMA KingDiego Maradona PUMA KingDiego Maradona PUMA King


The first model of PUMA King boots was released in 1968, but it was Maradona who made them iconic (see also: Puma boots review). In 1986, at the World Cup in Mexico, Diego Armando, playing for the Argentine national team, became the champion. The football maestro himself earned the prestigious ‘Golden Boot’ as the tournament’s finest player and scored two of the most famous goals in football history. The first one, known as the ‘Hand of God,’ involved Diego tricking the English national team’s goalkeeper with a touch of his hand and redirecting the ball into the net. The second goal is called the ‘Goal of the Century’, and that says it all! Maradona skillfully navigated past six opponents, made 11 ball touches, and, while falling, expertly redirect the ball into the net, bringing his team closer to all wanted trophy. All of this, he accomplished with PUMA King on his feet.

Maradona’s collaboration with PUMA began in the lead-up to the 1982 World Cup. The German sportswear giants placed their bet on the young phenomenon, offering a great deal for him to officially wear and promote PUMA King boots in tournaments and throughout his career. Interestingly, Maradona had already chosen PUMA a few years earlier, in 1979, when he wore them in the Youth World Cup and for his hometown club, “Boca Juniors”. The classic PUMA King football boot series witnessed the phenomenal start and end of the legendary Argentine’s career. Remarkably, these boots have undergone little to no change in almost 40 years of history.

PUMA King Maradona Super

Diego Maradona PUMA KingDiego Maradona PUMA KingDiego Maradona PUMA King

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Argentina’s national team victory in the 1986 World Cup, Puma introduced a new model of classic football boots, King Maradona Super, released in a limited edition, honoring the talent of the legendary Diego Armando Maradona.

The top part of the football boots is made out of high-quality kangaroo leather. Traditionally, the boots come in black with white design elements. The insole features a diagram of Maradona’s dribble when he scored the second goal against the English. Inside the boots is a brief inscription that reads, ‘Goal of the Century.  June 29, 1986. 114,600 spectators. 11 touches. 6 opponents. 2 Puma King boots. 1 Diego Maradona’.

The sole of these exclusive boots is designed in a traditional style that has been the basic of the classic series for many years. The conical studs ensure maximum support, stability for the foot, and a reliable grip on dry turf.

Diego Maradona PUMA King

The Gods’ Shoes

In the history of football, there are few models of football boots as equally famous. Alongside Maradona, wonders on the field were performed in PUMA King by legends like Pelé, Johan Cruyff, Eusébio, Lothar Matthäus, Didier Deschamps, Neymar, and many others. Who would have known back in 1968 that this model would endure for half a century etching itself into the history of football world. With its vintage appearance and snug fit, PUMA King can be briefly described as ‘authentic classic boots with the scent of natural leather’.

No other football boot model has been worn by so many legends at the same time, and it’s unlikely to happen again. Honestly, PUMA made just one mistake—the name. Because this black leather boot with the white wavy stripe deserves to be called the Puma God. Gods’ Footwear!

Diego Maradona PUMA King

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